About SMP

Formed over 20 years ago and based in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, Stuart McCurry & Partners Ltd are a successful Mechanical and Electrical building services design consultancy.

At SMP we believe in an interdependent, rather than independent approach; working effectively with design and construction teams to deliver projects on time, within budget constraints and fulfilling or exceeding our Clients’ aspirations.

buildingWe take pride in the fact that a large proportion of our business emanates from Clients returning again and again, demonstrating the high level of working relationships and customer satisfaction which the company strives to achieve.

At SMP we encourage a high degree of internal staff involvement on each project, which enables us to develop and transfer knowledge gained through internal meetings and internal communication, thereby providing flexible, experienced and well briefed engineers to see the project through from start to finish.

SMP is committed to providing a broad, comprehensive and flexible service embracing new technologies. In essence, a full spectrum of specialist knowledge and skills are fully utilised on every project, large or small, to develop a unique and optimum solution.

SMP undertakes projects which vary in size from £5k to £20m, with our involvement ranging from advisory role through to contract administration.

Trade Federations & Accreditations:

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