Range of project experience

Range of project work experience offered by SMP for new builds, refurbishments, listed buildings, remodelling, complexes:


  • Private and Public Hospitals
  • Doctors Surgeries and Clinics
  • Health Care, including Sheltered housing and EMI facilities
  • Nursing Homes, including EMI


  • Private housing
  • Housing developments
  • Regeneration housing

Banking and Commerce

  • Bank Branches, Offices, Office Complexes and Business Units
  • Computer Suite
  • Security Buildings


  • Factories and Food Manufacturers
  • Storage and Warehouses
  • HV Systems
  • Systems Control Design

Laboratories and Research Establishments

  • Private and Public

Leisure and Recreation

  • Sports Halls, Gymnasium and Facilities including Public Entertainment
  • Swimming Pools
  • Pavilions, Golf Club Facilities


  • Exhibition Halls and Display Areas
  • Archives

Public and Government Sector

  • Schools: Primary, Secondary, Comprehensive, ESN and Special needs.
  • Boarding Schools
  • Nursery accommodation
  • Lecture Rooms
  • Science Laboratories and Fume Cupboards
  • Police Establishments, Police Cell and Detention Facilities
  • Library Facilities
  • HM Armed Forces Operational Buildings, Support, Barracks and Living Accommodation
  • Fire and Ambulance Stations
  • Water Pump and River Control

Retail and Restaurant Outlets

  • Independent Outlets and / or Part of a complex
  • Kitchens, Canteens and Dining Halls
  • Retails outlets
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