Stuart McCurry & Partners / Sustainability

Energy Saving and Sustainable Design:

Sustainability is a holistic approach to development of a project and depends not only on the introduction of energy efficient M&E services, but also involves a balance on capital spend against revenue saving.

thumbsIn our capacity as Low Carbon Consultants, we are requested to advise on various schemes in order to reduce energy and carbon impact, and we look to promote energy conservation and sustainability that is appropriate to each individual project and client’s budget.  This may include the introduction of variable speed drives and controls on pumps, through to modification of lighting and controls.

Combining our registration as Low Carbon Consultants with our mechanical and electrical design experience, we assist in both over-viewing and commenting on energy reduction schemes, not only in practical / physical engineering terms but also on the validity of energy saving possibilities.

Our experience within the Healthcare sites and projects particularly, have shown that there is rarely the opportunity to include easy fixes to carbon reductions; the solutions required have to be more integrated into the standard building services designs.

We have worked on various schemes in the public sector, in particular MOD and University sites, who require the implementation of carbon reduction schemes in existing buildings, not only to comply with Building Regulation obligations, but also when necessary to increase their BREEAM rating.

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