GE Healthcare

Project Value £2 Million

Project Description

As part of a £2m project to upgrade the various ventilation systems within this headquarters building, we fully refurbished nine central VAV air handling units.

Amersham Place 1These units were upgraded within a phased programme without the need to provide temporary plant. The works were phased in a way that allowed us to utilise existing AHUs to temporarily service the particular areas affected by the AHU refurbishment.

This project included all new coils, treatment of AHU structures, new fans bearings and motors. All actuators were also replaced along with seals and controls.

The highest risk was the ability to treat the internal components of the AHU without causing fumes to be drawn into the occupied offices. The location of the plant also created issues as the largest fan was capable of 20m3/s and is contained in a central roof plant room directly above occupied offices.

Project Details

  • Client GE Healthcare Amersham Place
  • Date 10th October 2010
  • Tags Commercial, Industrial

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